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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post lake (Milford Proving Ground) in the winter! (where the video was shot, I believe......)

Some of you may recall that I spoke about the Camaro's performance in the snow last year right after I got "Thor."

He had a set of Pirelli ice and snow tires put on him prior to me picking him up.......I drove to the airport and parked him -- only to come back to 8 inches of snow on the ground - and it was still coming down.......

I, too, was somewhat wary -- but even on I-94 (which had not seen a plow yet) - -he handled incredibly well. No - -not like a 4wd Avalanche or Silverado - but very controllable as long as I drove sensibly..... When I got home, the Driveway had not been touched - and he went right up the driveway......

The key to all of this:

Do NOT take an SS out in the snow -- if the roads are covered -- unless you put all-seasons or snow tires on your Camaro. The tires on the SS are meant for performance -- not driving in snow.

Remember that a Camaro is low to the ground -- if you drive into deep snow, you ARE going to eventually pile snow under the car -- losing traction......
The Fbodfather has spoken!!!...

Listen to him...I have snow tires on my car for the winter and plan on driving it all year long...I will switch back to my summer tires if Spring ever gets back to NY!!!...
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