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Originally Posted by 2010 Bumblebee View Post
Pretty video but unrealistic, I like the car color.

I'm sure the camaro is fine in the snow, but this isn't a real life situation.
Here the car starts in a straight line, on ground to get moving, with no traffic or hills. How long did it take to get it moving before they shot the video? Did you see the jeep in the background to pull the camaro out when it gets stuck ?

Put the camaro in a snowstorm on the streets of New England and make a video. Lets see them try to get thru a plowed snow bank to get in or out of somewhere, or stop on a hill and get moving again.

We have traction control (that lets you spin the tires, which is good for us who want to), antilock brakes, and stabilitrack (whatever that does, don't know yet), but we have huge tires and a car body that is not for the snow unless you have to drive in it.

Until then I'm leaving mine in the garage unless my regular car breaks, and even then I may just get a ride from someone or rent a car.
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