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Originally Posted by ChrisL View Post
This is official. Blue is not available on SS. I've known but was unable to confirm due to my non-disclosure agreement with GM. Now that the consumer ordering guide is out, I can indeed confirm.

There is no "technical" reason why blue can't be done. The ONLY way to possibly get blue back on the palate for SS is through customer demand.

You know GM is reading this board. Keep the comments constructful. Those ready to buy, who will pass since blue is not available, should communicate that to their local dealerships too.
I have a good mind to just get my camaro SS custom painted the blue of my choice. Also get the rally stripes painted on my self. I just can fatham why Gm wont offer the Camaro SS in blue. The IBM would have looked very nice with the red SS badge you would get from ordering the SS/ RS. I just dont get it.
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