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Posting the comparative made me think about a shooting accuracy insult: "You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn." The Challenger looks huge even though it is roughly the same size as the Camaro because it has no lines to break up that plain, barn-like side. Even the door handles are flat and consistent with the plain shape of the Challenger's side. I can see arguments about how that improve aerodynamics holding weight. I can further see that the rear bumper shape and rear corner windows look similar; however, the Challenger will have a significantly larger blind spot and that it looks impotent with that droopy trunk shape. In any case, there are substantial differences between the broadside Challenger and the angular Camaro.

On a side not, I never say "in my opinion" except to say that I never say "in my opinion." That is because I only say facts and am always right. I flame you for disagreeing in advance.
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