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so, I must change my original story to Tag about the three blues that were available on the Mustang... there is now only one blue color available on the Mustang, but it is available on both the V6 and the GT, at all levels of trim.

this is a HORRIBLE idea... who offers YELLOW, but doesn't offer BLUE on a top end car? this is going to be a deal braker for ALOT of people and alot of those people are NOT on car forums... they're people that are day to day drivers that GM would probably have sold an SS to, but can't sell a V6 to because they dont have a NEED for a V6... they're older enthusiasts and people who are on the fence... they are Mustang GT drivers who like their car, but would like a change... and a Camaro would have filled that desire... but, instead, a Challenger R/T will be their new car... these lost sales cannot be counted like posts on an internet forum... these lost sales cannot be measured by anything other than "what could have been" reasoning... and if you have any doubts as to what dropping something that would have been, maybe, 10-20% of sales, lets ask Chrysler/Dodge how smart it was to discontinue the 2 dr Neon... after they discontinued it, Neon sales dropped off and even a redesign didn't save it... all because the 2dr Neon was less than 20% of Neon sales... by GM offering a 2dr Cavalier and Ford offering a 2dr Focus and Escort, they took those 40,000 cars away from Dodge and the car's viability slipped... and, eventually, the Caliber is what we got to replace it.

GM, this is an oversight that you CANNOT AFFORD TO MAKE... the SS is NOT the SRT8... it is NOT the GT500... it is NOT the car that "only a few" will buy... its the ENTHUSIAST car, and to limit the choices the enthusiasts have is to slap the face of the customers and faithful who have kept the dream alive... it is an insult to those of us who have "kept the faith"... it is a defiance of those that you have asked to help you... and it is something that will not be accepted or tolerated by this key, important group of buyers... by doing this, GM, you have alienated several and discouraged the loyal... you, GM, have a responsibility to us to allow choice... to allow personal tastes... and to offer multiples of other colors and no blues is like Henry Ford saying about the Model T, "you can have it any color you want, as long as it's black."

if this were happening on a Z28 model, which would be limited production and have a pricetag somewhere in the area of the GT500 and SRT8, it wouldn't be an issue... if it were happening on a car that SLP was putting out, we, the enthusiasts, would look right over it... but this is OUR CAR, GM... and we, your loyal enthusiasts, are NOT HAPPY with your decision to tell us what we can and cannot have... especially when you offer it to the people who you willingly call your "mainstream" customers... the people you are trying to get away from Toyota, Ford, Nissan, et al... you acknowledge that the SS is targeted to the enthusiasts... why do you insult us now, when you need us the most?
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