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Originally Posted by nester7929 View Post
I did read your post above, I just think you may be overreacting a little bit. I certainly didn't imply it was easy to repaint the car. If you wanted blue, yeah it sucks, but it's not like you can't get an SS at all. A color choice should never be a deal-breaker, especially not with the features the SS has and the quality of the other colors.

Cyber gray or red for me.
and make no mistake, it ISNT a deal breaker to me... but it will be to others... we had already decided on a Cyber Gray car... so its not going to stop us... but what about others? what about people who dearly love blue as a color... and they'd willingly buy one if it was offered... but choose to keep their current car or buy another company's product because they can't get what they want from GM... Ford offers a blue... Dodge offers a blue... why is GM NOT offering a blue? haven't we had enough of GM telling us, the customers, "you can't have what you want" in reference to the Z28? why limit the possibilities on a car that GM is calling a "global car"? all we're asking for is answers or changes... either one is acceptable... but "we can't talk about it" is just plain silly.
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