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Originally Posted by BackinBlackSS/RS View Post
What were you doing when you blew the tranny?
Well I'm not going to lie like everyone else does on here when it comes to blown trannys. My father inlaw and I just brought the GT500 back from a hell ride and we decide to get my camaro out to come pair the two. So I got it out let it warm up for about ten minutes and we were off. I went a mile up the road to a dead end turn around we use to blow the carbon out and proceeded to drop the hammer when I felt a bang and then nothing. Looked under the car to see oil leaking down. So needless to say we had a nice walk home because we both left the cell phones at home.

The thing that gets me is everyone says the GT500 and the camaro have the same transmission ,but the GT500 has 114 more Hp and It didn't break giving it the same treatment. I've been waiting over two weeks for a replacement.
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