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Originally Posted by THUMPER20X View Post
I totally wanted to do this with a 3rd gen Camaro, I love crazy shit like this. Do it. Watch the death race movie even buy the toys that look like them. I would totally build fake gatling guns and drive around with it. DO EEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha, nice, yeah im really into the idea now, like for Death Race they just completely stripped the interior and rebuilt it out of sheet metal and industrial scraps (luckily my dad has worked in sheet metal his whole life) and for the outside they welded sheets of metal onto the body panels and even went as far as to put culking on the panels an painted it black to simulate heavy welds in spots, haha pretty awsome stuff

I wonder if it is legal to have non-functioning guns mounted on a car? LOL, or how i would get the full-armor look while still keeping all the necessary lights on it, which actually the Firebird aspect would help a lot for the hide-away headlights, idk about the tail lights though

I was thinking using these gauges when i got around to designing the custom interior stuff...
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