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FlatoutProject: Camaro 2010 SS vs. Corvette C 6 epic film [Part 1]

As featured on Homepage.

Hello everybody !
As promised our epic roadtrip film is online now! We recommend to watch it in HD (just klick on 720 p).
In this Film we went to the US to take two 2010 Camaro SS and a Corvette C 6 for a roadtrip through americas west. See if three european gearheads are finally convinced by american engineering on famous roads like the historic route 66.
Keep in mind we are not overall serious!
Donīt forget, that we did not make an chevy ad. But please do not jump to a conclusion before watching all five parts. This film also about three europeans who were enclosed in a wall of of prejudice concerning american cars and using stereotypes. So it is more a roadtrip film than a straight review with scientific testing methods.

pt2 :

pt 3:

pt 4:

pt 5:
our camaro special:

our youtube channel containing other gearhead stuff:

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