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Originally Posted by CamaroFire View Post
Does anyone know what movie this will be in?
I think the movie is going to be called "Jinn". Don't know much about it besides that it will have this badass car in it !!

I love the front end of this car! The beak-like fascia and those headlights really change the look of the car, makes it look bigger and gives it a different personality! I also like that they changed the vents by the back wheels, they look pretty sweet. OH !! And that BIG shaker is awesome!

One thing I'm not so crazy about is the taillights though. I mean, they're kinda bizarre shaped, and then they're smoked/blacked out? They're hard to see!

I'd like to see some different variations/colors and more photos in better lighting!

And the interior ?? I'm curious! This car is beautiful on the outside, I hope it looks good inside too!

Also .. that diffuser in the back looks familiar .. Havoc ??
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