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Hey guys, I'm logged in on a friends comp. Lots of driving, but 95% in the rain. Guillermo and I almost got to play with a mustang after all the LA guys flaked on lunch...=P

Thanks for all the congrats and comments. So far, the SoCal guys are all a hoot and a great bunch to chat with. I'll have pics up probably monday in this thread, as most of my shots are very similar to Tribone's from the events. I have a few of me picking the car up that I'll post as well as some of tomorrow at the Bako meet. We're leaving LA at 7:30 so I can show my father the car before going to the meet and helping out with parking.

As for my experience with the car...HOLY SHIT! The engine just screams "POUND ME TO PIECES!"

I haven't taken it over 4k revs except a very few times in the lower gears just to get on the freeway and lets just say once you hit about 3 grand at WOT, it's like hitting the NOS button in F&F. Too bad I can't play with it too much for another 150 miles, and I need it to be sunny/dry to really be brave.

Anyways, I'll check in tomorrow night before bed. Going to sleep now if I can, so I can try and be up early enough to leave.

Also, I just updated the first post with pics taken from today's BBK event
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