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O.K. the same thing happened with the 05 Mustang when it came out. the dealers marked all the GT above MSRP and the V6's you could get for MSRP. The dealers are suffing in this falling market. So, yeah their going to mark up the car as much as they can. Because if you don't buy it someone else will. Hopefully they will take the pre-orders at MSRP and mark up the "instock" cars.

I have a deal through my company to get GM cars/trucks for a discount. But, I think I'm still going to have to pay MSRP.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that "yes, the dealers are going to price slap. Call around and haggle them down and if they won't bend go somewhere else. this is going to be a full production car. Be patient everyone will be getting their camaro. Hell, if you wait long enough you might get the color and trim you wanted.
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