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Originally Posted by Brokinarrow View Post
^ This would be a great idea!

Also: height adjustment for passenger seat (manual for LS, power for all else)
Remote start for manuals (have it only work while the car is in neutral)
Garage door opener (on 2LT and 2SS) - Make it just a simple push, instead of having to hold it for a second or so (maybe add some little LEDs to help visibility of the buttons as well).
For the RS package: Make the halo's replace the DRLs and make the DRLs back into actual fog lights (but have the fog light color match that of the HID lights). Also, a brighter halo ring would be good.

Take a page from Scion and offer lots of performance parts and visual accessories (pedals, shifter knobs, etc) from GM at the dealerships. Some people won't care for this and will get their own stuff, but with a younger crowd possibly looking at these Camaros, this strategy could help generate added revenue, and would give the customer a greater choice of customization when they get their Camaros.
Yes please make Halo's replace DRLs.
I drive with side makers on to have Halo's on
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