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What now Bitches?
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Tried to read all the posts before mine so I didn't repeat. I wasn't quick enough so, I apologize for repeats.

1. Same power controls on the passenger side as the driver side front seat.
2. Some kind of rear seat push button clasp instead of the pull strap for the trunk access.
3. The seat belt connector keeps getting stuck on the rear side of the seta belt strap holder (magnetic)
4. RS package needs halos plus fogs.
5. Cigarette lighter reinforcement, front access on the console. When pushing the connector for my blackberry in this location I feel like the entire unit flexes and fear I'm going to break something.
6. Dimming passenger side mirror
7. Rear heat and cooling vents, personal request from my son.
8. More options. Give us a choice in door panels regardless of interior color, more hood options, flexible trim options, badge options.
9. More play in the telescoping wheel.
10. front proximity sensors

That's it!!

Love this car!!!
2013 SW ZL1
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