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Originally Posted by Ltdodge View Post
what are you guys doing with the weights on the calipers? do you need to install new ones or do you dont put anything on?
several options there. I can put them back on or leave them off.

My recommendation is leave them off and see if you feel anything. Whatever GM put them on for, might have been a very small nuisance issue and barely noticeable, or it might be terrible, and might even vary by car. If you don't like it without, either put them back on or switch to the new pads that have the weights incorporated into them. You can either reuse the old weights with 3m double sided adhesive, or go to a tire store and get 4 grams of stick ons per caliper from them.

Exchange calipers will NOT come with weights. You will have to get new ones or transfer yours over if you want them. is offline