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Skyman........Lets back Up Here Dude.
You seem to be placing the cart before the horse my friend.
I NEVER said "Hooters" would be our meeting "Focal Point"!!!!!!!

Although I have been known to frequent 10X worse Dens of the Devil, I can certainly RESPECT the fact that "Hooters" is offensive to you and your wife.

I was merely relaying that "Hooters" management was really receptive and told me that they would support our club if need be.

I think that It was VERY COOL that Hooters would block off a Huge portion of their parking lot in front of their business so that everyone could see our Camaros.

Guys.....I am Just trying to take a little Initiative to get this thing started and if anyone has any better ideas, by all means....PLEASE speak up.

Although Hooters may not end up being our permanent meeting point......I certainly think it is a good start.

Wish you guys would reconsider and drive down.....It's gonna be a blast.

BTW.......I cancelled my B-Day plans to Hang with you Dudes.....You all better make my ASS feel really special!!!!!!!!
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