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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Great writeup, and thank for taking the time to do it!

What can you say on the throws of the MGW vs stock?
Honestly I didn't get to know the stock shifter that much. By the time the car had 350 miles on it the factory shifter was out of there and the Hurst was in. The first couple hundred miles I had such a chubby from the power of the car I wasn't paying attention to the shifter at all. I did find myself making excuses about it being new as to why I couldn't find 5th and 6th at times but now looking back I think it was because of the factory shifter.

The MGW Race Knob feels lower but I know thats because the factory knob was so big and then the Hurst was a bit taller. I think it's all just a mental thing about it being lower.

I do think the Hurst had a little bit shorter throw but just ever so slightly less. You would never notice the difference unless you had the two shifters in the car back to back like I did.

I'm definatley liking the Race Knob more and more as I drive it. To me it's more of a refined muscle car feel vs the classic muscle car feel of the Hurst. I installed the Hurst in the car of the guy that bought mine today and I'll tell you the Hurst still looks damn good. I also ditched the factory lock style washers used for the shifter handle and used some fairly thick lock washers and locktite on the handle and I think it helped take some of the slopiness out of the Hurst. It still had more slopiness than I liked and the MGW has basically no slop in it at all.

Both are good's going to come down to preference. Do you like the more classic muscle car look/feel then go Hurst. If you like the more refined look/feel of a modern day muscle car then go with MGW.....just my opinion.
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