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mgw install

Originally Posted by caverman View Post
I would've considered the Barton....mostly for price....but in my situation my wife was begging me to go back to the stock shifter because she didn't like the round knob. The Race Knob on the MGW was our compromise. Just based on looks alone the Barton was removed from our list. After the ear full from the Hurst install it was worth that to pay double the money alone . In addition I like the fact that the MGW replaces the whole shifter and not just the shaft. Again..just my personal preference. post were just my opinions from my own experience. I mostly wanted to share my impressions of these shifters so that others could make an informed choice.

Nothing wrong with the Hurst if you're okay with the extra positive shifting. Like I looks good to me and actually feels very good in my hand. It was just not the shifter for me.
Great write up, Thanks, are there any tips in reagards to the installation that might help they members out when doing theres
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