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Originally Posted by bowtieguy#3 View Post
Great write up, Thanks, are there any tips in reagards to the installation that might help they members out when doing theres
Yes…here are a few things I would watch or do different.

The MGW install is not necessarily hard....just much more time consuming than the Hurst install. I would highly recommend getting it up on a lift if you can...although not completely necessary.

Front pins/clips aren't that bad once you find the whole to stick the allen wrench into.

Pushing the rubber grommets from the stock shifter to the new arms was harder than I thought. The install videos made it seem super easy but I didn't find them that easy. I ended up using a vice to help push them in. The ends on the grommets are different although it’s hard to see at first glance. Watch how you take out the grommets from the stock shifter arms and put them in the MGW arms in the same way as they came out of the factory arms.

There are two supplied rubber boots that go inside the shifter tunnel. The smaller rubber boot that goes on top of the larger boot inside the console needs to be pushed down farther than you would think. I had a hard time with that and then realized I had to push it down onto the shifter farther and eventually got is on (after a few knuckle scraps from the inside of the console).

Also something I would do if I were to install another one...the two bolts (the ones in the kit) that connect the shifter arms to the actual shifter...I would test fits those on with the shifter outside of the car. Once I had the shifter in the car and had to try to screw them in they were very stiff going in and there isn’t a whole lot of room to work with under the car. Before putting the shifter in the car I would bolt on the MGW arms with the supplied bolts. Put them most of the way in and then back them all the way out. I think that would make them easier to put in once you're under the car.

Also....on thing I didn't care for is that the MGW doesn't come with any instructions what so ever. There are the videos on the site but if you are somewhere where you don't have access to the videos it's going to be 10x harder. I had to refer/watch the videos multiple times as I was installing it. Luckily I have an iPhone with YouTube access. Otherwise at my dad's shop I would've been screwed. He has no computers or internet access there. Just make sure you have access to the videos or watch the videos and write down the instructions as you watch them.

All in all....not to's doable by a DIY person.
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