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You guys are hilarious! I thank all you again. Actually, I feel great...don't feel older at all. No physical problems and can still run a few miles, ride 10's all great. And yeah...I hope that "hill" is around 50ish. I might get old physically, but I will be forever young at heart!

Not only am I trying to get over my minor cold that's been hanging around since Sunday night, but I also have in-service this week. We go for training as it's mandated by the state of Texas. Our department rewards us for staying in shape by giving us days off if we are able to do complete some physical training tasks (push ups, sit ups, run, jump, sprint). Each area gets a maximum of 50 points depending on how many you can do in a minute, how quickly you can run etc. Well, even with being a little under the weather, I still managed to get 240 points out of 250. So, I'm pretty happy!!! That just have me 4 days off of work! So, yeah....other than being a little sick, I'm pretty darn happy!
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