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Originally Posted by carguy View Post
Absolutely Untrue....

Under the Magnuson-Moss Act, a dealer must prove, not just vocalize, that aftermarket equipment caused the need for repairs before it can deny warranty coverage. If the dealer cannot prove such a claim or it proffers a questionable explanation it is your legal right to demand compliance with the warranty. The Federal Trade Commission administers the Magnuson-Moss Act and monitors compliance with warranty law.

Thanks SEMA we love ya man...

Read more:

My dealer replaced My tranny after Supercharger installed LT headers, flow thru cats, Corsa exhaust, RIP shift short throw shifter, Hennesy CAI and Tune... They even did all the installs!

Also replaced a friends Tranny twice who had same setup as mine...He blew second gear twice from miss shifting and they repaired it with new tranny twice.

In summary if they can prove the mods actually caused the failure than your out of luck. My dealer didn't even blink. Just fixed and quickly !

And I'm sure SEMA is going to pay your lawyer fees IF your warranty is voided for modifications...this is the elephant in the room that everyone chooses to ignore. As was stated is up to YOU (the claimant) to fight with a dealer or manufacturer that denies your warranty claim. The fact that the dealer above replaced transmissions under warranty for cars that were obviously beyond the capabilities of said transmissions is the reason that GM is getting tougher on repairs.

If you can't take responsibility for modifications and their outcomes...and afford those responsibilities...then don't mod your car. Don't continue to drive up the cost of new cars by driving up warranty costs for items that should not be warrantied.
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