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Originally Posted by Atti2de View Post
Jacks Paint Shop did a great job on my car. Have to say I like the fog lights the best. John did awesome work filling in the fog lights. Said he has more time in the fog lights than the rest of the paint. Anyhoooo...

They spray painted the tails and sidemarkers, blacked out between the lights and even painted behind the truck lid because you could see white.

White bow tie, shark fin, and heritage grill. Also repainted my complete nose and gas tank, and GM paid for that.

The last picture shows off Adam's wax and polish. and its a cloudy day too. And for those who don't know that green stuff is GRASS!

What ya think?

Freaking awesome, I have an IOM but I really like your White Out Camaro. I even like the way the grille turn out and the DRL's.
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