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I laid out the wiring by running it just in front of the radiator and just below the radiator mounts. I kind laid out where the ballasts were going to go and then got an idea of where to put the negative grounds.

I first removed the Halogen light and replaced it with the HID. The factory bulb comes out by just turning it to release it from the housing. Then pull back on the red locking mechanism. Then just pull the bulb out and give an a little side to side wiggle to help it out. Both of mine were kind of stiff to pull out. Once the Halogens are removed then you can just insert the HID. It really only goes in one way….not really going to mess this up. Put the bulb back into the light housing in the same way as you removed it. There are 3 tabs on the bulb so again…it’s hard to install it wrong or upside down.

I then plugged installed the negative grounds. This was a little hard in the fact of trying to get it started. I ended up drilling a small pilot whole first. Then just screw in the negative wire with the self tapping screw. I used black ones for looks and they are 8x7/16 screws.

I then plugged all the wires to the ballasts and HID lights. Again….pretty much everything can only plug in one way. Not really a way to get this wrong. Just watch where you are plugging it in. I had to unplug mine and run them under different wiring harnesses until I got it the way I liked.
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