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Now on to securing everything. I want to make as few as wholes as possible but I also want it to secure and to try to look like the car came that way. I secured the Relay to the windshield washer hose that goes along the driverís side fender. I then went over to the passenger side and used zip ties to tie it up to some wiring harnesses. The ballast has a bracket on it. At the top of the bracket is a whole for securing it somewhere. I used that as one of my zip tie points. Then around the whole ballast itself and then another to help pull the ballast wires up. While I was on the passenger side I went ahead and used some electrical tape to protect the passenger side input for the light. This plug is not used for the system. I also zip tied it out of the way as well. One the driverís side Iím only going to do a temporary securing. I plan on getting a CAI in the next few weeks so I donít want to make anything permanent here until the CAI is installed. There isnít nearly as much to zip tie to on the driverís side so I just used the factory Air Intake and then a horizontal zip tie to something on the headlight housing.

Thatís pretty much it. Like I saidÖat first it looks intimidating but then you realize itís not much to it at all.
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