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Originally Posted by SamSS View Post
**** TAPshift dude. Ever noticed the delay? I'm not talking about the tuned automatics.
Whoa? lol

Delay you can work around.

There's no delay upshifting that's for sure. At least not from gear to gear (the mechanical part). I still notice a .25ish second delay from when I press the button, but just learn to shift earlier to accommodate for it.

Downshifting is another story. Of course, if you press the minus button and stomp on it at the same time it'll delay with this transmission. Say a car pulls up to the side of you. Don't stomp on it and then downshift or do it at the same time...downshift to 3rd and then downshift.

It works great if you practice with it.

Not a DCT, but fun for sure. Is there any possible way of getting a DCT for this car?
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