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Watch the Posts for tomorrow. I am trying to work out a Camaro5 MSRP volume deal with a dealer - very large orange county volume chevy dealer. Mine is confirmed and in writing at MSRP. Will release contact name and dealer info if I can get more camaros at MSRP. Foothill Ranch had 3 orders and now has 1, based on conversation will have 0 tomorrow! I am going to local dealer to meet with the brass at 9am tomorrow morning.

Originally Posted by slick rick View Post
which dealer?
Foothill Ranch - Now Cancelled... you can be the first in line for a fee. Dealer told me that they will have a $100,000.00 markup on ZR1 when it comes out. Only dealer left in auto mall. May not be around when the car actually arrives!
Happy hunting. See my post on volume deal. I will talk more tomorrow. If I post the contact have your $1000 check in hand and when the car comes in you MUST buy it. Show good faith!

Originally Posted by slick rick View Post
I placed my order for a 1SS/RS, black exterior/interior, at Foothill Ranch Chevrolet with a $1,000 deposit that is refundable.

70 Auto Centre Drive
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

I could not get them to agree to MSRP. First they told me that they don't even know the prices yet which I replied back saying that they were just released and gave him the link. Then they told me that depending on the demand they will adjust their price.

I was the third person to order and the two before me went with 2SS fully loaded.
Sounds like 100% in agreement for you to get your refund.

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