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Originally Posted by bourq100 View Post
Foothill Ranch - Now Cancelled... you can be the first in line for a fee. Dealer told me that they will have a $100,000.00 markup on ZR1 when it comes out. Only dealer left in auto mall. May not be around when the car actually arrives!
Happy hunting. See my post on volume deal. I will talk more tomorrow. If I post the contact have your $1000 check in hand and when the car comes in you MUST buy it. Show good faith!
Does not surprise me... You are shopping in the Irvine area... The sad part is that there are people there that A) have the money lying around to waste like that, and B) are dumb enough to spend ridiculous amounts of money just to one up their neighbor. (There is a reason that Lexus dealership down by fashion island is the largest lexus dealership in the country). Get out of Irvine and Orange County for that matter... hell take the 241 up to the 91 and then head up the 71 (maybe half an hour from where foothill chevy is located) and try somewhere in Chino, Ontario and what not and I would be willing to bet that you will find a dealership that is going to be honest and work at MSRP especially since they are used to dealing with people that still have at least one foot firmly planted in reality.
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