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Originally Posted by fad1 View Post
o BTW, I still like the Inland Empire dealer. I spoke with a guy name Sally. I think thats what his name was, he was internet sales manager. Talk to him, He should know

Isn't that a Johnny Cash song? Errr wait... nm.

Even though I am not ordering till next year I went down to the local dealer here and fired off some questions about MSRP, they immediately said they are going to sell them for what they are worth.

After I explained that I would be ordering mine out of state if necessary, and possibly taking quite a few of their customers with me, they said they might be able to work something out.

Anyway they said they would contact me with their pricing later on in the week if I was still interested. I will post what I hear as soon as I hear it.

Doesn't look good for me getting mine locally though:(
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