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I dont like the B pillar? (small pillar dividing the side window and the smal rear window) Hopefully you can get rid of it somehow cause it would look really stupid driving down the road with all the windows down but these two tiny black toothpicks stickin up ya know? Also im not a fan of the tail light mounted on the trunk, now if they incorporated it into the trunk lip like some of the 3rd gen Irocs then itd be nice but i dont like it just chillin on top of the hood like that

All that said though, fix those two issues and i think the car would look amazing with the top down, the sleek, muscular lines and bulged in the car just make it look awsome with the top removed

PS: Im a huge fan of T-tops but i agree with GM, they're not for this car, this is a much higher-class Camaro, trying to pull the world away from the "white trash" stigma, and as much as i love them T-tops just conjure up ideas of sickening Burt Reynolds satyres, 80s mullets, and flannel xD
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