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Originally Posted by EllwynX View Post
Ok, here's a question. I found a dealership that promises no more than MSRP. I'd be #3. But they want $5000 deposit. I DID ask if it was refundable and they stated yes. I'm thinking about calling them back and accepting the #3 slot.

$5,000!?! Yikes! 15% down seems rather steep. I mean if you can part with the money shure, but I would talk to the GM there. $500 or $1,000 seems reasonable. Tell him look at it this way... if you re-neg on the order he gets to keep the $1,000 and it is not like that car is going to sit on his lot unclaimed for more then a few hours anyhow. If it were me I would say no. If you have that kind of money you are better off letting it sit in your bank account collecting interest then sit in their account where it will make you nothing.
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