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Originally Posted by ZZcamaro View Post
I think the one you say was for the V6...
Look for the thread" I saw one, sat in one, ordered one"
In there you will see a lot of pictures, one of which shows under the car and what looks to be a X-pipe!!!! I think you will be much happier after you see those pictures.
whew thats good to hear!! THX

Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
whats wrong with a y-pipe? im running one right now. and honestly depending on the power you are pushing, true duals w/x-pipe is almost overkill. however the size of the exhaust comes to play. a 3" y-pipe will out flow a 2.5" true dual setup. but not by much.
you gotta realize that this car is not just for the enthusiast. its for everyone. and not everyone wants a true dual setup.not to mention for the v-6... true duals dont make it sound like a v-8, neither does a y-pipe, but
Y-pipes aren't all that bad, but they not gonna increase performance over a properly sized true-dual set up. All the Vettes have true duals, that should speak for itself. The main thing i don't like with Y-pipe is sound. IMO true-duals just sound better, buts thats just my opinion. To each his own
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