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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Dude...not saying your personal shots were bad....but the professional photogs shots? HOLY SH!T!!!


Dude....I have an idea...
o rly??

Originally Posted by SScattergunSS View Post
Hey Mindz, I was away for a little bit so I missed out on a few your Camaro and the fact that you're a Moderator now!!! Congratulations on both counts...AND, your Camaro is gorgeous!!! I'm VERY happy for you...good job!!!
Thanks a lot SScattergunSS. Welcome back from your vacation from the forums

Originally Posted by Revo1 View Post
Effing gorgeous pics man.
Thanks. DTM ftw.

Originally Posted by godfathercrc View Post
Nice car thats a lot of power be careful and have fun whipping up on those mustangs i do I havent been beat yet by anything i have run against you will find theres not much out there that can beat you .I think you find you really need bigger tires in the rear i did i have a 12.4 inch nitto drag tire works really well and up grade your exhaust . I have kooks long tube headers with corsa cat back exhuast it really lets that supercharger breathe you will feel a huge difference.
Yeah, the only other mod I'm planning on is headers, although I can't seem to find anyone making mid-length yet. I might end up going with Shorties because LT are illegal in CA because you have to move the cat. Also I've been told I'm going to need a clutch that can handle the power, so I'm researching those soon.

Originally Posted by mlee View Post
O M G... that was a cool surprise... Your car is absolutely one of the VERY BEST I've seen. Totally love everything you done.
Almost makes me wish I hadn't pre-ordered and waited it out a bit longer...

Simply stunning...

I appreciate the comments Mike. The wait was antagonizing and the fact I was keyed on day 5 wasn't pleasant, but when this thing is done I'm hoping it'll be even more stunning. =) Mostly subtle visual changes as I really feel that less is more with these cars.
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