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Originally Posted by slicker View Post
i think Hardy training with Serra in funny. Serra is one of two that has beaten GSP. I donít really like serra but he is a pretty good fighter and really good on the ground. but those of us that have watched GSP fight you will have to admit that he gets better every time he fights. He likes to beat you at your own game. With that being said we will move to GSP vs Serra 2 when serra said GSP would not make an example of him and that exactly what GSP did. GSP mixes it up very well and heís very well rounded
I'll have to agree...look how easily he dominated BJ Penn (remember that one?)

Originally Posted by wylde1 View Post
GSP is unreal. The best thing about the guy is he doesn't go for peoples weakness. He beats you at the thing your the best at... every time. takes down and dominates wrestlers, knocks out strikers and submits jiu-jitsu artists.

If he's in shape and focused, there's no one close.

Carwin is a beast, Mir's got a tough fight on his hands. I'd like to see carwin and lesnar so I'm gonna pick Carwin for that one.
You'd have to think what shape Lesnar will be in after what he went through. I think either fighter, Mir or Carwin, is going to be a good challenge for him. If it's Mir, it will close that saga. Both fighters know each other semi-well and they know what each other can do.

If it's Carwin, both may be a bit surprised of what the other will bring.
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