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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
It's not that people aren't ordering for one reason or another. It's because some dealerships STILL have no freaking clue that they CAN begin taking orders!

I called my dealer and they told me right there over the phone that they would not begin taking orders until December. They also told me allocation hadn't been released yet. I asked basically why they have been keeping themselves under a rock. One of THE biggest releases was coming out and no one knew ANYTHING about it. I could NOT believe they had no idea. Yes, I enlightened them and called them back in an hour. They found they were getting 28 and thanked me for letting them know. They also tried getting on the computer to order and could not since there were "too many dealers on the site placing their orders."

I talked to another guy from Benson chevy and this guy was....clueless. He was a nice guy, but had NO idea what was going on. He also said December for orders and when I mentioned that I've been watching online, he said that anything I read online was wrong. I mean...c'mon. How could you go and spread false rumors like that....VERY sad. Needless to say, I corrected him as well. By the time I had to take off, he was asking all sorts of questions. Yeah....just type in a website'll get some answers.

How can people...better yet, SALESMEN, ....who do THIS for a LIVING....not take the time and CARE about learning their business?!?!?!

Those guys might have lost MANY customers...
This is why I think a 1000 is way to high!!! dealers who don't know what they are doing.
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