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Originally Posted by Hylton View Post
It's not like GM is advertising to the general public that they can go ahead and order. Like TAG indicated, most dealers have their head stuck in the sand and only care about what is in stock. Then there are the gougers. I hope GM looks at all the dealers who sold out and reward them for moving product by taking alottment from the damn gougers.
Actually, GM can't change the allocation process to reward those dealers that don't rip off their customers. Legally, they are bound to set up a fair and equal way to distribute allocation, such as sales volume for the last 12 months. Those that sell more will get more, those that sell less will get less. Ideally, the buying public would gravitate to the larger dealers that are able to survive based on a large volume of sales at low margin rather than purchasing from dealers that survive on high margin low volume.

My guess is 2000 +/- 5 pre-ordered so far. That's 1 per every 2 dealers, roughly.
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