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Although the wife and all my friends said the 8000k lights looked good I still wasn't comfortable with them. To me you could tell from a distance that they were aftermarket lights because they were blue. Most people want that (which is why the 8000k are so popular) but I felt like I was sticking out like a sore thumb. It wasn't horrible but it was enough to bother me. Unfortunate for me the only thing to do was to buy some new 6000k bulbs and hope I like them better.

Well...I ended up calling back AAC and talking with Andy about the issue. He ended up hooking me up with a good price on the new bulbs. The arrived this afternoon and I put them on but wanted to wait till tonight to make sure I liked them......HELL Yeah! This is what I was wanting! I know 6000k is not what most people like but they are exactly what I wanted. They are mostly white with just a hint of blue. They look more like what a factory Cadillac or Lexus have.

If you are considering aftermarket HID lights I would definately use AAC again. The install was super easy once I figured out where everything went. They aren't the cheapest HID kit but you get what you pay for. They are worth spending the extra money on. Hopefully you'll pick the right color from the start because bulbs aren't cheap (again you get what you pay for).

In these pics it looks more white than in person but they are definatley brighter and whiter than the 8000k lights. When you look at the lights from the front they are still somewhat blue but not nearly as much as the 8000k.

Here is 6000k vs 8000k vs factory Halogen
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