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Originally Posted by radz282003 View Post
Also - isn't there a brake upgrade from Cadillac too, for the rotors and pads; cross-drilled or something? That should work too, I suppose.
There are SUPPOSED to be two piece (aluminum hat bolted to an iron rotor) rotors. They were sold as the J63 option for the CTS-V in 2009. The option was discontinued for 2010. The calipers were red, but the same as the silver in function as were the pads. Only the front rotor was different. They are NOT a GM part. They are supposed to be available from Brembo and are not. After much research into the mystery of the missing two piece rotors (thank you Witt Buick Pedders and my secret sources) I can tell you they are not currently available, BUT will be down the road.

Cadillac recommends the rotors be changed with the pads (there is a surprise for performance brakes LOL) so my guess is that some time later this year or early next year we will all be updating pads and rotors based on wear and the availability of the two piece rotors.

As for slots and holes -- I am not a big fan. Modern pads do not gas like the older pads making the slots and holes of minimal value. Granted some high end designs like the carbon ceramic ZR1 have holes. I run no holes and no slots for maximum clamping heat tolerance. Crude brake ducts are critical on our cars as there is little air flow to cool the brakes. This is just my opinion and not absolute certain fact as would be my opinion on anything suspension related
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