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STS Turbo Install> Pics!

As featured on HOMEPAGE.

We decided to be the guinea pig and get our V6 Camaro Boosted before Camaro5fest.

We shipped the car to STS with a hard deadline and I have to say they have been very professional and are moving quickly in engineering this prototype!

I know there are lots of you guys waiting to see what this engine can do with boost so we will update this thread as information becomes available.


Just got a couple of pics from Rick at STS, should have dyno #s next week.


The dyno results are in and at 6lbs of boost (and a "moderate" tune) the car is making just over 400hp at the wheels! That is 53 more hp than the manual trans SS that was dyno'd right afterwards.

This is LS7 power from a lighter and better balanced V6 Camaro!

Here is the Dyno chart:


Some more photos of the system installed...

Some Glamor Shots from STS:

505 on the cowl.... so much for the "sleeper" idea

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