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FINALLY DROVE ONE! Good deal waiting for somebody in KY

I know the "I drove one" threads have been done to death, but I figured that somebody out there might be looking for a good deal on a CGM 2SS. Went by Burford Chevrolet in Richmond, KY and they had a used CGM 2SS with 870 miles on it that they had gotten in trade from a local guy who decided he needed an SUV. The sticker on it was $38,350 and they were asking $36,975. Considering that I've seen dealers wanting over MSRP for other used 2010 Camaros with a lot more miles on them, that seemed reasonable.

Anyway, I drove it and it was really awesome. The only real gripe I had was the blindspot over your left shoulder is horrible because of the B pillar. My wife and i talked it over and decided that we're still going to wait for a little while, but that seemed like it might be a decent deal for somebody looking for a CGM 2SS in the central KY area. They said that photos of it would be up on their website tommorrow They also had 3 new 2SS models (red, silver, and white w/ iom stripes) and three new 2LT models (red, RJT, and black) if anyone was looking for those. They were willing to sell the new ones for MSRP.

The salesman I was dealing with was Greg Atwater. The dealership's number is (859) 623- 3350 if anybody out there is looking for a lightly used CGM.
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