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Originally Posted by Rock36 View Post
You won't get a Camaro $10K off sticker even if the dealer could "afford" it. Because if you don't pay what they are asking, the guy that comes in 10 minutes after you will. At least at first, until enough of them start hitting the streets.
Screw that dude!! As soon as a dealer doesn't give me what I want I will be sure to have a sign prepared and I will sit outside the dealership, warning people of their scamming. We also have a thread dedicated to dealers saying the will sell at MSRP or better.
Don't ever take crap from a dealer, the can and will go much lower. Have multiple dealerships in mind, shop them all and carry their business cards. If a dealer says he won't do it then tell him this guy will and pull out a business card and call the other dealer right in front of him while walking out. Thats what I did with my GTO and they freaked!! They never want to get low balled by another dealership. They may act like they aren't making any money but they really are, don't let them make you feel bad and enjoy every minute of your time killing their hopes and dreams of a huge mark up sale. It is also very important to tell people about a dealership you didn't like because they know that word of mouth kills a reputation. This is all based on my personal experiences and my hatred to dealerships so take it for what you will. Shop around and be Patient is the best advice!

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