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We just went to our dealer, and he FINALLY got the Synergy Green Camaro in. Ive been going all week, visiting banks, and searching for best interest rolled off the truck last night about 7 P.M. He called me, I was there at Noon Saturday. It wasnt prepped and checked yet, so it just sat on the lawn. When the sun hits it...OMG its A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I love it soo much, but Im afraid when we get it Monday, after a while I wont like it? Such a big decision. I like the interior a WHOLE lot as well. What do you guys that have synergys think? You think the color will ever wear off of you, and you wont like it? My first choice is Synergy, second is Rally yellow with black stripes, and then IBM. I drove a demo one for a weekend, it was white with black stripes, and it was soo sleek, and even being white, EVERYONE wouldnt stop staring! I personally love the attention they get, so thats another reason I want the green. And I like that you can get cloth seats with green trim, and still get the fiberglass<--?? with the ambient lighting. Now that im talking about it, Ive decided I just fell more in love with it. Considering the past week ALL that I have talked about is the car, and my parents and friends are getting annoyed. Haha. Well, heres pics. We are getting it Monday or Tuesday. Has to be quick because people are already stopping to look into buying it. But...I will get it, not them! Haha.

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