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Originally Posted by billmiller8 View Post
I agree with you Nine Ball, Also who picked the finalist ? Nothing against any of the finalist but there where some really nice cars left out, for example bdSTEALTH was the first entry, this is a beautiful summit white camaro why was it left out ? The one with the girl is now first when it was posted like # 6 nothing unusual about the car !!! I think it is not about the car but the background or foreground nothing against HINEY1 rally yellow camaro it is good looking, but there were better rally yellow's in the contest, there was nothing unusual about this car then any other rally yellow coming off the show room floor unless your voting for the plane. DevilKnightFalcon's rally yellow was a great looking car. Why did you stop at 17 finalist and not a even # like 20 that is very unusual also, never seen a odd # like that picked for finalist. " THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN A VOTE BY ALL MEMBERS TO PICK THE TOP 10 OR 20 FINALIST " not hand picked by a chosen few. IMO, this does not sound kosher.

DevilKnightFalcon is now added. I did not pick these winners. Now, THAT would be unfair. My chevy dealer picked these. Thank you for your advice. I will use it to make the next contest better and more fair. Thank you for your concern.
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