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I just drove a SS supercharged at Rev it up. There wasn't much difference in the autocross course they had set up between the SS and blown SS, it just seemed that there was slightly more power in the higher RPMs. The HHR wasn't turbo'd, but it'll probably be like my Eclipse, just a 4 door and heavier like the neon.

I honestly don't mind the overuse of SS. It's like a warning label. If you have a BMW 52x series, and you pull up to a mercedes SL 500, you might feel inclined to have a go at it. If you see SL55 or AMG on the rear, you probably "wouldn't want none".

Granted people go out of their way to put GTR badges on civics and a few people put M on their bimmer or SS on their non SS Chevy's, but it's not at popular as you would think. People can tell most of the time if your car is the real deal.
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