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Originally Posted by colegnd View Post
I have consulted with my dad and we are in for the drag racing in Moorehead. (mostly because we haven't had this bad boy down the track yet) But we where also wondering how many passes we would get....


Hey Cole,
I am still waiting to hear back from the new track management about their new schedule for the year. I'm pretty sure the proposed car show and fun run will be rescheduled for another day to allow for the Devil's Run event. We'll see what transpires...
I will definitely attend the local car shows around here this summer, but as much as I would like to, I won't be going on any tracks. From what I've been told, if you (or your Dad) was to wreck his car, or blow the engine, or whatever else, your insurance and factory warranty will not cover anything that occurs while on a Drag Strip or Race Track!!! I can't say with 100% certainty if this is true, and I'm sure it probably depends alot on your own particular insurance company. But I'm not taking any chances!!!! Make sure your Dad is aware of this, and maybe have him check with his insurance company before you guys make any plans to race on the track.
As far as how many times you can race during the day.... It's unlimited, as many times as you want to get in the staging lanes, you can race. With the other cars there too, I would guess you could get on the track 8-10 times during the afternoon.
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