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I think the Silverado SS was a nice package too. It just wasn't executed "completely". The Lightning had a lot more power, but the SS had the advantage of AWD...meaning broader market appeal. I think Chevy should use that big Caddy engine that puts out over 400HP, keep the AWD, and the performance suspension to create a "from the factory" sport truck.

Maybe this should have been stated differently....maybe it isn't that they should use the SS badging as often, rather they should use the SS mindset to create an option package (upgraded power, performance suspension, wheels/tires, etc) for all the cars across the lineup. Do like BMW and Mercedes do and upcharge a lot for it. It would still sell, but that way not every Cobalt, Equinox, or even Camaro or Corvette would be an "SS".

I don't care that it isn't called an SS (that's just been Chevy's designation for a long time). Call it a S version (Trailblazer S, Cobalt S, etc) for "Sport" and save the SS for the real Sports Cars (Camaro and Corvette). I'm okay with that.
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