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Originally Posted by 2010 2-Tone View Post
Why was the hood so far off???? I feel like it should have a better fit than that. I know you have to do some adjustments but I wouldn't have thought it would have been that far out or is it just me?
From what my paint shop tells me that the hood is warped, you can't adjust it because it sticks up, the hood stops are all the way down, if you push down on the hood it goes down, but springs back up..
The other part that is high is at the driver's side by the hood hinges, no way to make them go down, the hinges are down as far as they will go..gonna take it back to the shop next week to see if they can do anything.
I have seen another thread about this same issue, so it's not just my hood, maybe it's a manufacturer problem, gonna call RK SPORT
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