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Originally Posted by OverAnxious View Post

So a tuned suspension, more performance and upgraded exterior styling doesn't make a vehicle an SS?

What do you think the SS cars from the sixties were?

It makes no difference if it is a truck, just don't use it on every model you offer on showroom floors and over do it

I think the Trailblazer SS is one of the better values out there, for an MSRP starting at only $32K you get great performance, great styling, very nice wheels (an area GM has been lacking until recently), nice interior treatments etc.
I don't know...there's really no reason to my madness. I just don't like trucks being 'SS' designated. I mean, sure power it up (I have no problem with that; in fact I think its awsome to have a truck that can beat the pants off of some cars out there) - but name it something else...TS (truck sport) or something...:o

Part of my problem is probably the over-use of the SS badging...and I guess I take it out on the poor trucks...
I had no problem with the Cobalt SS, it was a real sporty Car, and in it's class-segment, worthy of the title 'SS'...but it's a car_______... I'm just nuts...
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