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Hey, don't think about the sheer awesomeness of owning a 2010 Camaro... or the rush of driving one... or watching as people stop and stare as you drive by... yeahhhh. Don't think of that, it's enough to keep people awake at night!

Post pics when he/she is yours!!!

  • Ask what octane fuel they put in the tank. For an SS, make sure it's 91 minimum. 93 is better. If they say 87, scream and go all 'Hulk' on them.
  • Pop the hood. If you ordered an engine cover, make sure it's there.
  • Pop the trunk and take a look inside. No bodies? Good!
  • For the love of all that's holy, do NOT let them treat your leather seats. No, no, no. Bring your baby home and get back on here, we'll steer you to the proper products for treating leather right.
  • Look in a mirror tomorrow and say out loud, "Oh my god, I am the ultimate in coolness. There is no one else better than me". <-- You earned that right when you bought a 2SS.
  • Check all four wheel rims. MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO SCUFF MARKS ON THEM! Someone could have brushed a curb when driving your Camaro.
  • Turn on your car, then turn the headlight knob one click to the right. Get out and look at the front of your Camaro. You bought the RS package, so your halos should be lit up. Notice how mean your Camaro looks? Yep! Other cars will fear you. Reach in and turn the knob one more click to the right (all the way) and your HIDs should be on with the halos. Crouch, grab your sales rep by the throat and growl "I'm Batman!"
  • Hop in the driver seat. Locate the seat warmer button (check manual/ask). Push it once and wait a minute. If your butt breaks into flame you either had too many tacos for lunch or the heater is doing just fine! If you find yourself in the parking lot you pushed the EJECTION SEAT button. That's a no-no.
  • Are you're going to modify your Camaro? If so, you PROBABLY don't need the extended warranty. It's up to you, but I said nope. Modifications nowadays come with their own warranties (usually 3 year ones), so no need.
  • When asked to push the blue button and sign up on OnStar, tell them you'll do that at home. Drive home, get online and send me a PM. OnStar is great, but there are some things you need to know before signing up.
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