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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
There is NO definite evidence of a 550 hp version, none at all. Anything you have heard in regards to that, is purely speculation. (Unless I missed something, guys?). The Top of the Top may be seated at 460 hp most (at least in my book). The only reasoning that I have, is that the LS7 is dying, and it's replacement is the LS9, (or blown LS3). Which is equally expensive; what with the forged crank, and strenghtened parts. And at prices like that, the LS9 slowly drifts out of Camaro territory.

I'm not ruling out a 500+ hp Camaro, at all. But the evidence points against it as a mainstream Camaro. But if a 500 hp version does come out (which I think it will), it'll probably be a limited-numbers, high-priced, "Shelby GT500 equivalant" Car.

Sorry if I just made you cry...
I tend to agree with this, I think it will be a "specialty car" so to speak.

I do not think they will use the LS7, however, i can certainly see a blown LS3 in place, as i think the current NA LS3 will be the motor of choice anyways, and the Vette will have a hp bump.
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