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Originally Posted by Supercop29 View Post
I was # 1 to order at my Local Dealer , he was allowed 9.
I wonder how many Camaro's are made a day .... then if mine was 2,944 in the order line.... maybe I could figure the day mine would be made.... just thinking out loud.... LOL

Can't wait!!!
I was trying to figure that out myself. This may be totally off, but here is one rationale: Chevy wants to sell 80,000 units in the first year. There are roughly 250 work days a year if you assume a 5 day work week and 10 days off for holidays. That means the plant would have to crank out 320 Camaros a day to meet their target. 320 a days means they could fill this week's orders in 2-3 weeks after production starts.

I have no idea if it is even possible to build 320 cars a day - it sounds like a lot. But that is one way to calculate it. Someone want to chime in?
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